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We pack orders every day of the week and then ship your order via overnight couriers to ensure it arrives at your door as fast as humanely possible.

If you order before 2pm and live in a metropolitan city, your order will arrive in just two working days! This incredible service is free when you spend $70 or otherwise pay just $9 to anywhere in Australia. Shop For Super Foods

We ship items with 'authority to leave' if no one is home, if you live in an apartment or do not want your order left unattended please enter 'no ATL' in the address field. Want to ship to a post office box? No problem, we will still send your item express for a small extra fee.



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Disconnect To Reconnect

We are living in strange times. We have more money, more luxury items and more freedom than ever before in human history - yet most of us are...

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The Modern Man

Being a modern man is tricky. We are expected to be tough and logical and yet also emotional and sensitive. We spend all day sitting on our butts and...

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Super Foods Facts #1

We look at the scientific evidence in support of the benefits of Maca to determine if it is just marketing spin or if it has really medicinal benefit.

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