Forest Super Foods is trusted by health-conscious consumers world-wide, as we focus solely on super foods with a key modus-operandi - to source the best quality produce irregardless of price. This approach consistently delivers higher value for customers and the development of a long term brand.

Australian-manufactured premium brands and particularly those in the health/lifestyle sector with Australian Organic certification are becoming increasingly sought-after in markets in Australia and abroad.

Customers are very loyal to the brand as they connect with the company’s reforestation efforts, love the organic-style and informative packaging and trust they are buying the best super foods money can buy. Just see our google trust ranking / product reviews and testimonials instead of taking our word for it.


Buy Forest Super Foods products at wholesale rates. With a minimum order of $500 (with free shipping) you can stock our products within just a few days of ordering.


From outside Australia? If you have an extensive distribution network and are currently involved in the health food / lifestyle sector there are still numerous regions for exclusive distribution. Please check the map below to see if your region is still available. Our support is unparalleled. We offer marketing material made specifically for your market, provide a localised version of our website, in your language and can even provide custom packaging in your region’s dialect.


Don’t have a current distribution network but want to piggy-back years of website, product and marketing excellence from a trusted and proven-selling brand? Let’s start a conversation to see if a franchise of Forest Super Foods could work for you. Trust us, it really is living the dream!


Please contact our distribution partners below for sales enquiries within Korea, Singapore and Thailand. For all other enquiries please contact us directly.


T: +61 401 315 041 / E:

THAILAND: Baimiang Trading Company Ltd

T: +669-4926-9221 /

SPAIN & PORTUGAL: Natudaly Alimentacion S.L.

T: 91 818 7667 /

Branding That Sells

Our branding sets it apart from competitors and consistantly moves more product from shelves in a hotly contested market. Forest Super Foods provides its’ distributors and partners with outstanding supportive marketing materials at every step of the way. Our products sell more than any other super food brand in the 2nd largest department store in the world - El Corte Inglis. Here’s a tiny snippet of our localised branding: