Although there's no doubt climate change is real and caused by human beings, even if the non-believers are correct and global warming isn't man-made, it is our responsibility to leave the planet in a better way than we found it.  We have partnered with Rainforest Rescue to protect high-risk rainforest in one of Australia’s most biodiverse regions.
Much of the internationally renowned Daintree lowland tropical rainforest is in desperate need of protection. There is currently no government funding that supports this work. 
Together with staff and hundreds of volunteers and supporters, Rainforest Rescue have planted over 250,000 trees and rescued over 100 hectares of threatened rainforest.
Forest Super Foods is committed to spending $5 from every $100 order to assist Rainforest Rescue in their important mission to save the Daintree rainforest.  This contribution protects one square metre of desperately endangered rainforest.
With your help, Daintree animals will have extended safe tracks to travel, breed, feed and raise their young. Many endangered animals and plants with limited distribution are found on the Forest Super Foods lot.