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A great sweet, nutty flour substitute packed with minerals and nutrients.

The mesquite tree grows in arid, desert regions, particularly in Mexico and the South-western United States. As a staple for many of the hardy animal populations that live in such harsh environments, mesquite has sustained generations of coyotes and other fauna. But humans have found many benefits in this special tree and have been harvesting and grinding its beans into a flour for quite some time.

This amazing super food can be used in breads, muffins, and other savoury baked goods, as well as cakes, cookies, and other favourite treats. Adventurous cooks and nutrition enthusiasts can even discover the traditional use of mesquite powder in jellies and wine, both of which are given a truly unique flavour with the addition of this sweet, slightly nutty ingredient.

A great sweet, nutty flour substitute packed with minerals and nutrients

Mesquite's ease of use across a wide variety of culinary applications isn't the only reason for its recent surge in popularity. The powder is also an excellent source of many important nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Adding this super food to baked goods and other dishes can increase your regular natural intake of these essential minerals.

High in iron and essential amino acids

Many people also enjoy it for its iron content, which can help supplement a diet that includes other iron-rich foods --an especially important consideration for those on restricted diets who consume little or no meat or dairy products. The essential amino acid lysene, pivotal for recovery from injury, and for the regular production of hormones, antibodies, and natural enzymes, is also present in substantial quantities.

A popular choice for diabetics & people with GI intolerance

Dietary fiber and protein are major components of this revered food, and the low glycemic index means you can enjoy this product's sweet and distinct flavour without adversely affecting blood sugar. As a naturally gluten-free food it is a popular choice for those incorporating gluten-free dishes into their everyday diets.

With its broad range of uses in the kitchen and it's mild agreeable taste, our mesquite powder lets you enjoy a nutritionally balanced, beneficial food easily. By incorporating this super food into your favourite dishes or trying it as a replacement for less nutritionally beneficial products, you can take a nod from some of the hardiest civilizations on earth, all while enjoying a delicious experience.

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Nutritional Info

Ingredients: 100% Organically Grown Mesquite.

Where Does It Come From?

Our Organic Mesquite comes from Peru and is grown without pesticides or herbicides. This highly nutritious product is made from grinding the pods from the mesquite tree together.

The product you are purchasing is 100% mesquite powder with no additives or fillers of any kind.

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