I absolutely love the Forest Superfood website. It's simple, practical and very's hard to leave without buying something! The powders were delivered at my doorstep after 2 business days so can't complain and the quality of the products is unquestionable. Thank you for the great service.

- Karen C. (Maroubra, NSW)

We made a decision many years ago that we would focus on providing the best quality we could find. We certainly are not the cheapest but when it comes to health foods we think quality is far more important than price.

Direct From The Farm

We purchase the majority of our products direct from the farmers that grow them. This allows us to have more confidence regarding the integrity and quality of the product as it has passed through much fewer hands before it reaches you. Purchasing direct also allows supports local & indigenous farmers coping with often tough conditions.

Almost our entire product range is Certified Organic by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). This gives you (and us) confidence that the products are organic, offering numerous benfits over conventional farming.

Certified Organic means that at each stage of the production (from planting to packaging) government approved organisations have performed inspections and tests to ensure the product is free of herbicides, pesticides, synthetic additives, dyes, solvents and other nasties. It also means the product is free from Genetic Engineering (usually referred to as GMO's).

Organic farming focuses heavily on land regeneration and biodiversity protection, whilst also promoting a socially conscious workplace for farmers and employees. Australian Certified Organic upholds the ethics of fair trade, and during an audit looks out for instances of unfair labour treatment.

Many products when imported are subject to high levels of gamma radiation in order to protect Australia's fragile eco system. Whilst this destroys any bugs that may be living in the goods, it also leaves residual radiation.

Some products are only irradiated on a case by case basis. Other products (ie: non-honey bee products) must be radiated when they arrive

All our products are radiation free. How do we do it?

When possible, we order Australian grown products (ie: Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Bee Pollen...) so no radiation is necessary. When not grown commercially in Australia, we only import Certified Organic produce, meaning no radiation can take place - otherwise it cannot be classified as Certified Organic.

Freshest Quality

When it comes to packaging we go the extra mile to ensure maximum freshness. Our products usually have on average 18 months before the best before date so they remain fresh for longer.


We package our products in foil lined bags for extra insulation against moisture. The packaging is heat sealed to avoid risk of tamper and comes with a resealable zip so you can reuse the bag over and over again.

Express Delivery

When it comes to delivery we send your order lightning fast using express couriers so that your super foods are not left sitting in hot vans or stuck somewhere in the delivery network.