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    Organic Raw Cacao Powder
    Cleaned and dried at very low temperatures to prevent loss of nutrients, our Cacao powder is a rich in antioxidants and... Learn More
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    Australian Organic Wheatgrass
    Grown in Australia and processed fresh with a specially developed low-heat-drying technique, our Wheat Grass is... Learn More
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    Organic Premium Hemp Seeds
    Grown organically in Canada, our Premium Quality hemp seeds are the best in the world. With an abundance of minerals... Learn More
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    Organic Raw Cacao Nibs
    Stacked with flavonoids, antioxidants and essential minerals including large amounts of magnesium, Cacao nibs are the... Learn More
  5. The Ultimate Hot Chocolate
    The ultimate hot chocolate is made with only super foods and milk! This creamy hot chocolate recipe is malty and smooth... Learn More

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    Organic Inca Berries
    Our Organic Certified Inca Berries (aka Golden Berries) come straight from Peru where they have been grown for... Learn More
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    Organic Sprouted Fermented Pea Protein
    Pea Protein is considered to be the best protein source for human consumption. It is easy to digest, free of allergens... Learn More
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