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    Organic Maca Powder
    Maca has an exceptional nutritional profile, is a proven natural aphrodisiac for men and has been shown to increase... Learn More
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    Divine Woman
    We are pretty excited about our new blend specifically designed for women. Know what you are putting in your body!... Learn More
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    Naked Super Greens
    Why naked? Because there are no fillers, no additives, no sweeteners... just a powerhouse of green super foods that... Learn More
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    Sun-dried Spirulina
    Grown naturally and dried by the sun in Auroville, India, our Spirulina has a pleasant taste and is packed with 60%... Learn More
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    Organic Raw Cacao Powder
    Cleaned and dried at very low temperatures to prevent loss of nutrients, our Cacao powder is a rich in antioxidants and... Learn More
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    West Australian Bee Pollen
    The best pollen in the World comes from Western Australia. Our ethically harvested WA boasts a wide array of vitamins,... Learn More
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    I Am Warrior
    I Am Warrior is the all natural, organic super food mix for men who want to get the most out of life and love. This... Learn More
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    Organic Moringa Powder
    Often referred to as the "tree of immortality" due to its diversity of over 90 different nutrients and reported health... Learn More
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    Organic Chia Seeds
    As versatile as they are healthy, Chia seeds offer an abundance of essential fatty acid Omega-3. Omega-3 fatty acids... Learn More
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    Organic Acai Powder
    One of the healthiest berries you will find, Acai is full of antioxidants, high in fibre and rich in anthocyanins and... Learn More
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    Australian Organic Wheatgrass
    Grown in Australia and processed fresh with a specially developed low-heat-drying technique, our Wheat Grass is... Learn More
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    Naturally High
    Instantly increase your energy with a potent combination of eight powerful super foods. Containing an abundance of... Learn More
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    Organic Goji Berries
    The large amount antioxidants found in goji berries help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. High levels of... Learn More
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    Organic Kale Leaf Powder
    Kale is packed with nutrients, including large amounts of Vitamin A (promotes eye health, supports the immune system... Learn More
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    Organic Premium Hemp Seeds
    Grown organically in Canada, our Premium Quality hemp seeds are the best in the world. With an abundance of minerals... Learn More
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    Organic Camu Camu Powder
    With up-to 60 times more vitamin C, 10 times the iron and three times more niacin than oranges plus a host of other... Learn More
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    Organic Black Maca Powder
    Maca comes in three forms, red, yellow and black; each with their own strengths. Black Maca is known as the stronger of... Learn More
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    Raw Organic Maqui Berry
    Certified Organic and wild-harvested, our Maqui berry powder has more antioxidants than any other fruit, including... Learn More
  19. Organic Green Tea (Matcha)
    A strong green tea extract, Matcha powder contains high levels of L-theanine, an amino acid that has been shown to... Learn More
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    Organic Raw Cacao Nibs
    Stacked with flavonoids, antioxidants and essential minerals including large amounts of magnesium, Cacao nibs are the... Learn More
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    Organic Red Maca Powder
    Maca comes in three forms, red, yellow and black; each with their own strengths. Red Maca has been shown in studies to... Learn More
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    Organic Tasmanian Hemp Oil
    High quality hemp seed oil grown in lush Tasmania. Grown organically and made from only premium virgin hemp seeds. Hemp... Learn More
  23. The Ultimate Hot Chocolate
    The ultimate hot chocolate is made with only super foods and milk! This creamy hot chocolate recipe is malty and smooth... Learn More

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    Organic Chlorella Powder
    The ultimate detoxifer for your body. Utilise this amazing water-grown algae to cleanse and alkalize the body What... Learn More
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    Australian Organic Barley Grass
    An amazing all-rounder, barley grass contains a balanced supply of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants,... Learn More
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    Organic Inca Berries
    Our Organic Certified Inca Berries (aka Golden Berries) come straight from Peru where they have been grown for... Learn More
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    Organic Hemp Protein Powder
    Grown in Canada, our Certified Organic hemp protein power boasts 50%+ highly digestible protein and contains all the... Learn More
  28. Plant-Based Protein Pack
    NO JUICER / NO BLENDER - NO PROBLEM! The perfect post-workout smoothie. Made in 3 seconds in our new smoothie... Learn More

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    Organic Sprouted Fermented Pea Protein
    Pea Protein is considered to be the best protein source for human consumption. It is easy to digest, free of allergens... Learn More
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    Organic Mesquite Powder
    Mesquite powder is not only packed with vitamins and minerals, but is also gluten free and has a low GI index.... Learn More
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