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Australian Organic Wheatgrass Powder (Wholesale)

RRP: $26.95 (250g)

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Our Certified Organic Wheatgrass is grown and processed in Victoria, Australia. Experience the freshness of local Wheatgrass powder!

Wheatgrass first began to gain notoriety when it was discovered that ailing hens who were fed the substance regularly not only recovered, but also began producing more eggs. Wheatgrass was subsequently sold as a beneficial product for animals, and was also used by people interested in exploring the possible health benefits for themselves. Like many kinds of green vegetables, wheatgrass contains a variety of nutrients and minerals, yet is especially high in certain constituents, making it a popular product.

Since its discovery as a desirable nutritional supplement, wheatgrass has been adopted in most regions of the world, where it is frequently juiced or dried and ground to a powder. Many juice bars and smoothie establishments have begun serving wheatgrass in individual shots and mixed into other concoctions to provide customers with a quick serving of the substance.

Our wheatgrass powder is certified organic and is easy to incorporate into your daily dietary routine so you can start enjoying the benefits of this powerful plant. While wheatgrass does have a slightly strong taste similar to other green plants, it can easily be masked by mixing the powder into smoothies and other beverages, or even soups and other dishes.

A widely-enjoyed use of wheatgrass is in regular small doses for the purpose of detoxifying, as some believe that the high chlorophyll content of wheatgrass is an effective agent for ridding the body of heavy metals and encouraging chelation. This high chlorophyll content may also lead to improved blood flow and the ease of various disorders affecting the blood. As chlorophyll is similar in atomic structure to our own red blood cells, wheatgrass is easily absorbed by humans and its nutrients are said to be especially “bioavailable.”

Studies into the particular health benefits of wheatgrass are still ongoing, and there are some exciting possibilities on the horizon, including the idea that wheatgrass may play a role in the improvement of certain cancer therapies. Wheatgrass is also often used to aid in digestion and may receive greater attention for this potential, easing a range of persistent medical issues.

As with most healthy greens, wheatgrass contains a host of important vitamins, such as A, C, K, and B6, and is particularly rich in vitamin E. Iron, zinc, and manganese help complete the stellar nutritional profile of this unassuming yet highly beneficial plant product. The juice, whether taken immediately after pressing or dried, delivers a high concentration of these essential nutrients in comparison with whole vegetables, which means wheatgrass is a great way to add more healthy vegetables to your diet without significantly bulking up your meals. Enjoy our wheatgrass powder and infuse your diet with a true superfood.
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Important: We recommend starting with half the recommended amount initially and gradually increasing to the recommended amount.

We also recommend consulting an expert prior to making any changes to your diet particularly if you are on any medication, have an existing condition or if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Additional Information

Certified Organic? Yes
Features Australian, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low GI, Vegan
Best Before August 2017

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