Organic Chia Seeds

"OMG these are so tasty, bake some cookies and added these to it, and omg yummy, and knowing how good they are will definitely become a regular of these as well as your company in the near future."
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What Makes Our Chia Seeds So Special?

They are certified organic so you know they are free of pesticides, herbicides and raditation.

Best quality chia seeds I have ever used. I will definitely be buying more!

Reviewed by Monique

Used by Aztec warriors, this gluten-free and wholegrain seed is remarkable for it's high protein content and abundance of healthy essential fatty acids.

Sustainable & Raw Organic Chia Seeds

Recent third-party analysis has found our Chia to have one of the highest levels of ALA Omega 3 fatty acids and polyphenols from any brand. Our organic chia seeds are raw and have not been irradiated or processed, leaving their high nutritional content intact. They are also certified organic so you know they are free of any pesticides or herbicides. You can view the certificate of analysis here.

High In Antioxidants

The seeds are high in essential fatty acids and offer eight times more concentrated Omega-3 than salmon. Not naturally produced by the body, it's important to eat foods rich in Omega-3 to enjoy a wide variety of health benefits. Omega-3 lowers cholesterol, relieves high blood pressure, helps to improve memory function, and has been shown to protect against depression.

Research published in the Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society found 'potent antioxidant activity' and high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acid (a good fat that has been proven to lower cholesterol) in chia seeds (Taga, Miller, Pratt. 1984 - full journal article).

Chia seeds contain high amounts of protein (with Black chia seeds containing more protein than white), a crucial element of any healthy diet that helps to build muscle and regenerate cells. Many vegetarians and vegans have embraced the seed as an alternative meat and dairy-free source of protein, especially given it's complete amino acid profile. A full range of amino acids are found in its protein content, making the chia seed a better choice than many other types of plant-based protein.

Back again to stock up on more Chia Seeds. I have found so many different ways to have them as well as just eating them as they are. Also with trying to lose weight they are excellent for this, as they make you feel full and give you the energy to excersise throughout the day. Love them and your excellent customer service A+

Reviewed by Trisha G.

Great for Inflammation
Our Chia Seeds are packed with healthy omega-3 fatty acids which help your body to reduce inflammation.

Incredibly Rich In Iron
Iron is incredibly important to our lives, as anyone who is low on iron will tell you. We need it to carry blood around the body, to take oxygen to the brain and from proper muscle function. Diets low in iron risk fatigue, anemia and low immunity.

Research published in the Journal of Food Science found Chia Seeds to be incredibly high in iron. 6x more iron than Spinach and 2.4x more iron than beef liver (Bushway, Belyea, Bushway. 2006 - full journal article).

Rich In Nutrients

Chia seeds have fifteen more times the magnesium of fresh broccoli, five times more calcium than milk and three times more iron than milk. Magnesium relaxes the nervous system, aids in muscle production and, especially in combination with calcium, helps to strengthen and maintain healthy bones.

Chia seeds also contain varying amounts of potassium, zinc, phosphorus and copper. Vitamins A, B12 and C are also present providing a boost to the body's immunity system.

"Spectrochemical analysis showed the presence of eleven elements with calcium, potassium, and phosphorus being the most prominent." (Bushway, Belyea, Bushway. 2006 - full journal article).

Balances Blood Glucose Levels
The body needs to keep blood glucose levels within a very narrow range in order for us to survive. It does this by using insulin and glucagon.

A journal article published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that the onset of insulin resistance and dyslipidaemia (a major cause of heart disease) was prevented by giving the rats used in the study Chia. The researchers concluded that Chia seeds have a beneficial impact upon glucose homeostasis (Chicco, D'Alessandro et al. 2009 - full journal article).