Organic Maca Powder

"Have used another Maca brand for sometime now I thought it made sense to swap over to this brand. So far the quality and service have been unparalleled Telling all my friends to get onto this site I love it..!"
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What Makes Our Maca So Special?

Our Maca is grown at 4200m above sea level in Junin, Peru. We purchase direct from the indigenous farmers who have been growing Maca in that region since before recorded time. The farmers sun dry the Maca and then ground into a fine powder, at no point are any fillers or additives used. It is guaranteed premium quality and comes to you certified organic so you know it is free of pesticides, herbicides and radiation.

Please be careful who you buy your Maca from. A lot of Peruvian Maca is now being shipped from China and the quality may be compromised. Our Maca is guaranteed to come direct from the growers in Peru.

Revered for centuries for assisting in increased strength

Described as a powerful aphrodisiac for men

High in protein for overall muscle health

Contains a range of vitamins and minerals needed for health

Used to boost mood and general health

Known for promoting healthier hair and skin

Maca has been used in traditional eastern medicine for millennia

The ancient Incans used maca root as far back as two thousand years ago, when it was revered not only as a staple crop, but as a potent medicinal herb. Folktales about this high nutrient food describe how Incan warriors consumed large quantities of the product before going into battle to increase energy and strength.

Today it is consumed throughout the world for it's ability to impart energy, to balance and assist the hormone system and is even known as a fantastic aphrodisiac, whilst containing a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and all the essential amino acids.

Proven By Science: Research published in 2009 measured cycling improvements in athletes over a 14 day period of taking Maca. The researchers concluded that Maca "supplementation improved 40 km cycling time trial performance" (Stone, Ibarra, et al. 2009 - full journal article).

An incredible way to balance and nurture hormones

Rather than providing hormones to the body, Maca acts an an adaptogen, meaning it responds to each body differently. If a particular hormone is being produced too much, maca will regulate the body to produce less. And if the body is producing not enough, it bumps up production.

Simply Amazing!! I don't know how I survived before I used this product. I have got about 10 people from my office using it now,

Reviewed by Kris

Proven By Science: In 2005 researchers performed a 9 month study of Maca's effect on female hormones. The conclusion was that Maca acts as a toner of hormonal processes and that it is a serious potential alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (Meissner, Kapcynszki et al. 2005 - read full article).

Maca stimulates and nurtures the hypothalamus and pituitary glands (named the master glands) of the body, which in turn regulate the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands. Sexual development, tissue function, mood & growth are all dependent on a healthy hormonal balance, and Maca is incredible in it's ability to do achieve just that.

Maca has been traditionally used by herbalists to treat PMS problems, menopause, hot flushes, increasing energy & endurance and for the treatment of depression rather than using hormone replacement therapy.

Proven By Science: In a double-blind study published in The Journal Of The North American Menopause Society, Maca was found to reduce depression and anxiety in post-menopausal women and to also improve sexual dysfunction (full journal article).

A nutrient & mineral dense food

This organic super food delivers a beneficial amount of plant-based protein and around 8% of maca is dietary fiber. A number of important fatty acids and essential amino acids (of which 18 out of 20 are present) are also present. Maca also contains energy boosting and immune revatalising Vitamins B1, 2, and 3, along with small quantities of C, E, and B6.

Some of my old youthful vigor and virility has returned as a result of this product

Reviewed by Wayne

Maca as a sexual stimulant & natural alternative to viagra

Known as a great tool for men to enhance fertility and improve sexual function, Maca has began to be known as nature's alternative to viagra. Several studies have shown Maca to have a positive effect on sexual dysfunction

Proven By Science: A double-blind study found that people with diagnosed erectile dysfunction showed significant improvements when taking just 3g a day of Maca. Libido also markably improved (Dording, Fisher, et al. 2008 - full journal article).

Maca For Fertility
Maca has also been used traditionally to help improve male fertility. As far back as 1653 a writer by the name of Father Cobo noted that he had seen first hand how this incredible super food could improve fertility.

Proven By Science: A study published by the University of Peru found that Maca improved the sperm count and testicular weight of rats when given daily doses over 14 days (Gonzales, Ruiz, et al. 2001 - full journal article).

Additional Info

How Do I Include Maca In My Diet?

For best results take daily. Mix with cacao and coconut sugar for an incredible super hot chocolate, sprinkle over muesli and yoghurt or ice cream. Add to desserts for a caramel flavour or into your favourite smoothies, juice or glass of milk for a malty finish

What Is The Recommended Serving Size?

6g (approximately 1 teaspoon)

What Are The Ingredients?

100% Organically Grown Maca Root.

Important: We recommend starting with half the recommended amount initially and gradually increasing to the recommended amount.

We also recommend consulting an expert prior to making any changes to your diet particularly if you are on any medication, have an existing condition or if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Additional Information

Certified Organic? Yes
Gluten Free? Yes
Features Dairy Free, Fair Trade, Gluten Free, Low GI, Vegan
Where Does It Come From?

Our Organic Maca Powder comes from Junin, Peru and is raw and unprocessed.

Best Before August 2016

Shipping With Australia

Most people receive their order within 2 business days and shipping is free if you spend over $85. Otherwise shipping is just $9 to anywhere in Australia. Orders are shipped via express couriers and tracking details are emailed to you once your order is dispatched.

If you live outside of a metropolitan area, delivery can take a bit longer. If you have not received your order within 7 business days please contact us. PO Boxes cost an additional $8, this charge is by the courier company.

If you don't live in an apartment the courier will leave your order somewhere safe (if possible) when you are not home. If you are NOT happy for your order to be left if the premises is unattended, please enter "NO ATL" in the second row of the address field when checking out. Orders to apartments and units are not left unattended.

Shipping Outside Australia

International shipping rates are given as an estimate only as the price differs dramatically depending on what country you are in. We do our best to ensure the shipping price given is accurate if however there is a discrepancy we will let you know. We do not charge you a handling fee.

International orders are sent via DHL Express which usually takes 3 - 4 business days to arrive. Please check with your local government regarding import restrictions and extra charges as you will responsible for your order once it leaves Australia.

Easy Returns

We will never compromise the quality of our foods in the pursuit of profit. We only want to sell the best produce available anywhere in Australia. If you do not feel that the product you ordered is of the highest standard possible, please return it to us for a refund or exchange.

To make a return:

  • 1. Call 1300 789 447 and let us know you would like to return something
  • 2. Return the item to us in original packaging (at your expense)
  • 3. A refund for the unused portion of the product will be sent to the same card/PayPal account used for the original purchase. This is done within 3 business days of receiving the return.

There is no time limit on returning an item for refund or exchange.

We work tirelessly to be the easiest, fastest and most informative super food store in Australia. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve please email

Free gift is only available when a $200 minimum is spent in a single transaction. This offer is not transferable and does not apply to orders that contain items below RRP. We withdraw the right to withdraw or change the offer without notice. Not available with any other order.


Customer Reviews

106 Reviews "Organic Maca Powder"

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Product as described, very fast delivery and good packaging with product well protected from the courier delivery.
John Loh
verified customer
27 July 2015
Overall excellent buying experience, will definitely return.
verified customer
18 July 2015
Awesome product,superb service,highly recommend!Thanks guys,i will most certainly be ordering more products from you in the near future.
Maca Powder is King!
O'So Smoothie
verified customer
16 July 2015
We use Forest Super Foods Maca Powder in many of our smoothies at our smoothie shop. It is without parallel and our customers are hooked! If we happen to run out, Forest Super Foods service and delivery are swift and cannot be faulted in any way.
Quick postage, good packaging, nice product
verified customer
1 July 2015
As above - no issues and good service
Thank you for your great service
verified customer
29 June 2015
Thank you for the product, it came very promptly. I am happy with the product, but as I have not had it before I cannot compare. If it does the job as intended I would be very pleased! But thank you for your great service.
verified customer
15 June 2015
This product is fabulous and the shipping was prompt
A new lease on life!
verified customer
13 June 2015
I am totally impressed with your company and your products and the speed in which they are delivered. the products of yours that I am using are truly helping me out as I near 50 and boy do I find it amazing how much of a new lease on life they have helped me get both physically and mentally.
Macca Powder
verified customer
3 June 2015
Delivery was extremely fast. The packaging is fantastic. Smells and tastes great with cereal every morning. Love the nutty flavour, not overpowering at all. ForestSuperFoods - excellent service, great product - very satisfied first time customer. Will be back for more. Many thanks.
Yum yum yum!!!
verified customer
2 June 2015
This is honestly the best tasting Maca powder I've ever tried!!! Loving the super quick postage Forest Superfoods provides as well. Couldn't be happier!! I high recommend you try it if you haven't already - you won't be disappointed!!!!
Maca Powder
verified customer
26 May 2015
Great product, fresh, great price and the best delivery I've experienced! Highly recommend !
verified customer
20 May 2015
Quality product, rapid delivery, exc communication, great follow up service.
Your donations of 5% of profits towards habitat rehab is fantastic - I have planted out over 4000 trees (at my expense) towards reforestation,along with riparian regen and it warms me to know 'commercial' enterprises are on the same path
maca powder
verified customer
19 May 2015
I can recommend maca powder for anyone feeling lethargic or moody. My partner was ready to kill me before i started on the maca powder. After having hysterectomy i was finding myself very irritated and tired all the time. Couldnt sleep was ichy and restless. Since i have had maca i have heaps of energy sleep better and can look forward to the day , feeling wonderful in the mornings. You could never speak to me in the mornings
best seller
Dave singh
verified customer
13 May 2015
Superfast delivery and great quality :)
Great Product
verified customer
10 May 2015
My extended family all report that their energy levels have increased and are more than happy with this superfood!
Fantastic Fast service
verified customer
5 May 2015
Product is of a very high quality loving it I my smoothies. Feeling the benefits within a week. I will be ordering all my natural products from here from now on would't even look anywhere else
Good stuff
verified customer
27 April 2015
Taste nice
verified customer
17 April 2015
great tasting, fresh Maca powder! I had a bit left from another company and must say, yours is better!
verified customer
14 April 2015
Fantastic product! I use my Maca everyday in my smoothy and or tea.
Super fast delivery and ALL your products are amazing. Thank you.
verified customer
12 April 2015
Well, we were over the moon with the super fast arrival of the Maca.

One bag was for myself, and the other for my brother. He finds the taste somewhat strong and nutty, and I find it DELICIOUS! I find the flavor very subtle for Maca.
I purchased your product, as it seems to be of great quality. I have read quite a bit on Maca, and it seems the color has a lot to do with the quality?
So far I am very impressed with the product.
Should have bought it sooner!
verified customer
9 April 2015
Bought maca and super greens. Super fast shipping. Both products are great tasting, and appears to be better quality than other brands i've been using for quite some time. Feels great. Should've got these sooner!
Amazing product! Great value
verified customer
8 April 2015
Maca is a favourite of mine, great qualities and very easy to use in smoothies and baking
verified customer
4 April 2015
What a fantastic product this is my second order and certainly wont be the last:)
verified customer
2 April 2015
Im satisfied with this great product and i recommend other people try it!
Great product and great value
Karen S
verified customer
1 April 2015
I keep hearing there's a maca shortage so it's great that Forest are keeping up supply and at such a reasonable price. I add this to smoothies with either cacao or lacuma (sometimes both!). Love the taste and the benefits :)
Feel Well balanced
verified customer
27 March 2015
My energy levels have definitely picked up. Definitely feel a spruce in my step each morning. I mix this with my supergreens for the extra prep
Thank you - you are the best
verified customer
23 March 2015
The Maca is great and you guys have the best website!
Very tasty health bomb
verified customer
18 March 2015
After starting my day with a macca vegetable fruit shake for a couple of weeks now, I can truly say it transforms your shake into a health bomb. I feel sharper, more focused and energetic than ever before.
So glad I tried this product!!!
verified customer
15 March 2015
I'm absolutely loving the Forest Superfoods Maca Powder!! I have tried so many different brands of Maca and none compares to this! The taste is way better and I've noriced a difference in the result as well. My skin is clearer and I'm feeling way more energetic! Very very happy :) :) :)
verified customer
9 March 2015
Love this product recommend to all
verified customer
1 March 2015
The mecca powder is very authentic and I like the taste of it. I am enjoying it every morning with breakfast and will definitely recommend it to my friends. And the shipping is lightning fast as well. You guys have done a great job!
Not that great
verified customer
26 February 2015
I just purchased this product and it seems to be less potent than the order I did previously with Biovea. I wanted to save some money on this purchase and think that it might not have been worth the savings.
Maca Powder
verified customer
25 February 2015
Brilliant product! Has completely regulated my hormones! I have suffered from irregular cycles all my life and had horrid PMS. Now my cycles are regular and I'm not a horrible person for most of the month. It has given me tons of energy which means I don't need to drink coffee as much and has massively increased my libido! Win win! I have mine every morning with my smoothie and loved the very very fast postage.
great product
verified customer
21 February 2015
Just what i needed, very pleased with Maca, so easy to use and a pleasant taste, Outstanding Delivery, Less than 24 hrs to Broken Hill (outback NSW)
A good quality product at a reasonable price supported by an excellent delivery service.
verified customer
10 February 2015
Great product at a good price with an excellent delivery service.
A good quality product at a reasonable price supported by an excellent delivery service.
verified customer
10 February 2015
Great product at a good price with an excellent delivery service.
Fabulous Service
verified customer
5 February 2015
Ordered my Maca late yesterday afternoon and it was on my doorstep this afternoon when I returned from work. Unbelievably quick service - thank you!
It's so YUMMY!
verified customer
2 February 2015
Yep! Not only does this stuff work really well, it tastes really good. How rare is that with stuff that's actually good for you?

I'm nearly 54 years old and have just started a small courier suddenly I'm doing a lot more physical stuff (e.g. local courier work, moving furniture & driving long distances).

I've been using this in combination with 'I AM WARRIOR' and I'm well pleased with my energy levels and stamina. Well worth using. And the Maca Root makes the 'I AM WARRIOR' a lot easier on the taste-buds.

Great product and particularly great website and purchase process. Overall, very impressive.
Clearly quality
verified customer
31 January 2015
Texture of powder is fine and consistent. The way it makes you feel reinforces the assumption of quality that's easy to make after first laying eyes on it. Will be back for more undoubtedly!
L. Gorman
verified customer
6 January 2015
Have used another Maca brand for sometime now I thought it made sense to swap over to this brand. So far the quality and service have been unparalleled Telling all my friends to get onto this site I love it..!
Fabulous Supplement!
verified customer
4 January 2015
I have so many food allergies, trying to find something that agrees with me is a real trial. My Naturopath told me of the benefits of this product and I have been using it for some time. I find it tastes great, I have it in a shake of Almond milk and other supplements, it gives me energy and is improving my overall health tremendously. I think this is a fabulous addition to my very impoverished diet! It actually does what it says it will do and I am so grateful that I discovered it. Buying from Forest Super Foods is always of great benefit for me, couldn't do without the and their fantastic products!! Thanks all!!
verified customer
1 December 2014
Awesome product & super fast delivery!!!
Thanks guys!
very good
verified customer
30 November 2014
I seem to have a bit more stamina since using your macca powder
Great value, great product, fast delivery
verified customer
25 November 2014
Such a great product, for an incredibly reasonable price, and delivered the next day. Can't recommend highly enough!
Macca Powder
Anna L
verified customer
23 November 2014
I love the roasted nutty smell of the macca powder, and have it in my daily shake.
Great for menopause and energy.
verified customer
13 November 2014
It works great for the way it not only gives me energy but it also worked on my menopause of hot flashes. Just plain it works well with menopause altogether. I can sleep the whole night through without having to kick off my blanket. It taste great with my vegetable drink and my fruit drink also. It gives it a nutty taste to it. I've already recommended it to my friends in the states.
Couldn't believe it when it arrived the next day after ordering.
verified customer
12 November 2014
So far I am very pleased with this product. I am currently recovering from an operation and I can feel my energy coming back with daily taking. Am very pleased the product arrived the day after I ordered it.
Amazing product..superfast delivery!!
verified customer
29 October 2014
This 100% organic Maca is amazing..I'm so glad i purchased it from ForestSuperFoods !! Good price and super quick delivery

Macca powder
verified customer
27 October 2014
Great price great service.
Delivered in two day of ordering.
Maca Powder
I. Koppers
verified customer
25 October 2014
I have not purchased Maca Powder previously but I'm impressed by its health benefits. Thank you for what looks and tastes like a quality product. I've only been taking it for just on two weeks and have not yet noticed an improvement in my health. Delivery was super fast and Forest Super Foods price was the best anywhere.
love it
verified customer
16 October 2014
It helps balance my hormones
Such good results already
A Pullela
verified customer
15 October 2014
This stuff is amazing. My creativity, motivation and general attitude have all skyrocketed since starting my maca and cacao smoothies. The difference is very noticeable!
E Pylkova
verified customer
11 October 2014
Purchased maca powder for the first time. Delivery was super quick - got it next day. Very happy! Will order again in the future.
Maca Powder
Jane Everitt
verified customer
6 October 2014
Delivery was excellent and with good package and easy to store. Will know after some weeks of usage if it is boosting my health.
Maca Powder
verified customer
4 October 2014
Great service. Ordered one day, received product the next. The maca is easily added to my yoghourt and my apple juice. Very happy with the product and service.
Love this product!
verified customer
3 October 2014
I add it daily to my morning smoothie and it's been great. I will definitely repurchase. Plus the service was excellent! I received my product in less than 24 hours of ordering.
Maca Powder
verified customer
3 October 2014
Simply Amazing!! I don't know how I survived before I used this product. I have got about 10 people from my office using it now,
Love it
verified customer
6 September 2014
A versatile product that can be added to smoothies, cereal or hot drinks. Great results from regular use and definitely a product I insist on using daily. Forest super foods offers best product at the best price!
verified customer
26 August 2014
Great Price. Great Taste. Could not be happier
Brilliant Product
verified customer
11 August 2014
Bought as I was recommended to try by my naturopath. Ordered and arrived the next day. Beautifully packaged and perfect product. Thanks :)
Great tasting maca powder
verified customer
7 August 2014
I have tried a few maca powders and this one rates the highest! Arrived very quickly.
Awesome quality
verified customer
21 July 2014
This maca from the Forest boys is better than the expensive branded stuff I was getting before with faster postage too. Nice one guys! Keep up the Foresteering!
Organic Maca Powder
verified customer
21 July 2014
Love my Maca Powder I use it every day in my smoothie .
It was delivered really fast every time.
Great price and so yummy. Love it.
Good for health
verified customer
15 July 2014
Simple, natural
Excellent delivery service and excellent product
Yung Yoo
verified customer
14 July 2014
I have re-ordered maca powder because since I have this product I noticed that the body energy is increased. I could run faster in the soccer field. I recommended it to my friends and they are also happy with this product. The delivery is very fast. I had products within 1 or 2 business days. Excellent !!!
Just great
Dave R
verified customer
10 July 2014
From the first time I used Maca powder just awesome more energy and it lives up to what it says it does and here so fast try it you will love it
Mixes well
N. Brown
verified customer
24 June 2014
Mixes well without being overly/overpoweringly nutty in flavour. I mix mine with Organic Raw Cacao and protein for a pre or post workout shake.
Highly Recommended
T. Matsuzaki
verified customer
22 June 2014
This is the second purchase for Maca Powder.
It's great product and moreover SUPER FAST delivery.
Highly Recommended.
Compliments my morning shake
R. Prestion
verified customer
13 June 2014
compliment my morning protein shake, everything taken with beetroot juice.
Excellent product
Aik Boo
verified customer
7 June 2014
Excellent product with excellent service
Excellent Flavour
Ron Jarosz
verified customer
25 May 2014
Excellent flavour...great packaging...feel more energetic already
verified customer
23 May 2014
Wonderful service, excellent packaging and top grade product! Am a new, but now loyal, customer. Cheers! :D
M. Turner
verified customer
19 May 2014
Wonderful....noticed improvement in my skin and mood
L. Waghorn
verified customer
19 May 2014
Great product Thank you
verified customer
14 May 2014
I have been using the Maca powder almost every day now in my morning smoothies and it has been great at boosting my energy levels. I have also noticed a great difference in my hormone levels. Since starting this about 2 months ago there has been a great improvement. Very prompt delivery, I will be reordering this again very soon :)
Clarity and improved memory
S. Teese
verified customer
13 May 2014
Since I have been adding the Organic Maca Powder to my mornings fresh vegetable and fruit juice, I have noticed more clarity doing my job as a Ward Clerk. I also feel my memory has improved. Thank you for a great product.
Maca Powder
verified customer
8 May 2014
Love this product. I add it to our green smoothies and our cacao smoothies which gives it a lovely malty taste! My children are happy with the flavour and even ask for it.
verified customer
7 May 2014
I have enjoyed adding this to my breakfast routine! Great product for morning smoothie!
L. Paton
verified customer
6 May 2014
Maca Powder makes the perfect addition to my smoothie and it's so good for you. Pair it with spirulina, cacao, chia seeds and so many other great superfoods for a super morning smoothie.
Maca Powder
Sabina Arora
verified customer
7 April 2014
It's very beneficial so far!
verified customer
6 April 2014
Its excellent
Agnieszk J.
verified customer
20 February 2014
Awesome product!!! Makes my body sing. I like the smell but do not like the taste so I just mix it with some water and drink it holding my nose, LOL! The benefits are amazing, my energy levels, my hair, skin and nails are feeling amazing
Great Product!
Fay B.
verified customer
20 February 2014
Beautiful packaging that keeps the product fresh and amazingly fast shipping.
Exactly what I expected
Cassandi L.
verified customer
17 February 2014
Exactly what I expected. Thank you..
It's delicious!
Rebecca C.
verified customer
17 February 2014
It's delicious! Easy addition to smoothies and desserts, delivered fast to my door :)
Organic maca powder
Kathleen B.
verified customer
17 February 2014
I found the product was great overall. It smells yummy ! The packaging was appealing and I was very impressed with the tree donation.
Great Product
verified customer
8 February 2014
Extremely quick delivery, nice packaging and great product. It has been a pleasure to order from forest super foods.
Fully Satisfied
Rashmi S.
verified customer
7 February 2014
The order been processed so quickly and I the delivery within 3 days that was just so good.i am entirely satisfied with the product and the service front forest superfood .
Organic Maca Powder
Chris S.
verified customer
7 February 2014
Wonderful maca makes me feel 20 again
Diana R.
verified customer
29 January 2014
love it!!
Maca powder
Diane C.
verified customer
29 January 2014
Luv it with our green smoothies every morning along with spirulina and bee pollen
Good product
Wei C.
verified customer
21 January 2014
Help the body and improve the health
Organic Maca powder review
Carsten P.
verified customer
21 January 2014
My wife and I changed our view on food a year ago which changed our lifestyle.
We now mostly eat vegtables, fruit, legumes and grains with limited meat, perhaps 1-2 times a week.
We will have a green morning and afternoon smoothie with leafy greens, veg, fruit and supplements such as Maca Powder, the added Maca gives heaps of energy before my morning training session and through the day.
since changing our lifestyle we have become fitter and slimmer with sustained energy through the day. I have not had a cold which I would have 1 or 2 of normally and my sinus problems have disappeared along with 40 years of headaches that came from it.
Go green.
Organic Maca Powder
Catherine S.
verified customer
21 January 2014
I add Maca to my daily protein & fruit smoothie, can't do without it. Finding I can now purchase online and in larger quantities is wonderful. Made all the better with the quality of product received. Thank you!
Maca powder is of excellent quality.
Linda E.
verified customer
21 January 2014
Excellent service and great price!!!
Maca Powder
Fiona B.
verified customer
21 January 2014
I recently bought some Maca powder, and it was of the usual standard quality i am used to, but it was slightly cheaper. I will be back for more.
69yo, almost Vegan.
Graham B.
verified customer
21 January 2014
Not sure. I got on to Maca, from Teresa Cutter, the Healthy Chef, so I'm biased. I do what she suggests. that means everything. As for me since I have embraced Whole Food vegetable/fruit in juices and Smoothies, I have lost 21kg, from 125kg over the last 3 months. How do I feel, great, full of energy. After poor mobility due to hip replacement surgery, plus heart, reflux, diabetes, and blood pressure tablets, which I no longer need to take. You take for granted health, and You know when you lose it, so I'm back. get of the ground easily, go up hills without tiring or breathing heavily, ablutions, better still no Muffin Tops. I look good, as I'm told often. So you see I use everything, Ginger, Turmeric, Maca, Cocao, Parsley, Mint, Cinnamon, Lemon, and WPI, so I'm pretty sure Maca works in some way.
Maca Powder
Sandra T.
verified customer
21 January 2014
I find this a great product to put in my fresh juice every day
Maca Powder
Tammy A.
verified customer
21 January 2014
So far so good! Great service, very quick! Cheers
verified customer
15 January 2014
Some of my old youthful vigor and virility has returned as a result of this product
Satisfied first time customer
verified customer
5 October 2013
Shipping was within a week. Packaging was excellent and easy to read nutritional info. Great in smoothies. With only a couple of days using in smoothies I already feel I have more energy. Will be buying more from forestsuperfoods.
Organic Maca Powder Review
verified customer
14 August 2013
Maca is my favorite of all superfoods. It is great in smoothies, biscuits, anything really. I really enjoy the flavour a teaspoon of Maca adds to my greek yoghurt, super yummy & instant energy boost. It also keeps my hormnes in check with reality! The Organic Maca Powder from is my favourite brand for quality & price. Love it!
maca powder
verified customer
30 July 2013
Although it took over a week to get my products i have to say adding maca to my smoothie this morning gave it a yummy caramel taste. Taste very good. Very happy with this product and so are my children
Easy to add to your diet
verified customer
21 July 2013
I have ordered many different superfoods to try. I found Maca was one of the easiest to add to my foods as it is a mild flavour - for some reason it reminds me of malt powder. I like to add it to yoghurt, smoothies, mix it in with cottage cheese....
Maca Powder
Debra Leighton
verified customer
19 June 2013
Tastes great I have used this in the past From another company But yours seem to taste better goes great in my morning smoothie :-)
Helen Ringelstein
verified customer
19 June 2013
I must say the service is great and I didn't have to wait too long to start my reboot thank you.
Macca Powder
verified customer
19 June 2013
Great product, fresh flavours and the price is unbeatable. Very happy with this Macca powder. Prompt delivery