Organic Maca Powder

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Revered for centuries for assisting in increased strength

Described as a powerful aphrodisiac for men

High in protein for overall muscle health

Contains a range of vitamins and minerals needed for health

Used to boost mood and general health

Known for promoting healthier hair and skin

Used in traditional eastern medicine for millennia

The ancient Incans used maca root as far back as two thousand years ago, when it was revered not only as a staple crop, but as a potent medicinal herb. Folktales about this high nutrient food describe how Incan warriors consumed large quantities of the product before going into battle to increase energy and strength.

Today it is consumed throughout the world for it's ability to impart energy, to balance and assist the hormone system and is even known as a fantastic aphrodisiac, whilst containing a huge amount of nutrients, minerals and all the essential amino acids.

An incredible way to balance and nurture hormones

Rather than providing hormones to the body, Maca acts an an adaptogen, meaning it responds to each body differently. If a particular hormone is being produced too much, maca will regulate the body to produce less. And if the body is producing not enough, it bumps up production.

Maca stimulates and nurtures the hypothalamus and pituitary glands (named the master glands) of the body, which in turn regulate the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas, ovarian and testicular glands. Sexual development, tissue function, mood & growth are all dependent on a healthy hormonal balance, and Maca is incredible in it's ability to do achieve just that.

Maca has been traditionally used by herbalists to treat PMS problems, menopause, hot flushes, increasing energy & endurance and for the treatment of depression rather than using hormone replacement therapy.

A nutrient & mineral dense food

This organic super food delivers a beneficial amount of plant-based protein and around 8% of maca is dietary fiber. A number of important fatty acids and essential amino acids (of which 18 out of 20 are present) are also present. Maca also contains energy boosting and immune revatalising Vitamins B1, 2, and 3, along with small quantities of C, E, and B6.

Maca as a sexual stimulant & "natural viagra"

Known as a great tool for men to enhance fertility and improve sexual function, Maca has become to be known as "nature's viagra". Several studies have shown Maca to have a positive effect on sexual dysfunction

Additional Info

Certified Organic? Yes
Nutritional Information
Features Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Low GI, Vegan
Where Does It Come From?

Our Organic Maca Powder comes from Junin, Peru and is raw and unprocessed.

It is also certified fair trade so you know it is properly supporting the local farmers. This product is 100% Grounded Maca Root with no fillers or additives of any kind.

Best Before November 2016
Serving Info

How Do I Include Maca In My Diet?

Mix with cacao and coconut sugar for an incredible super hot chocolate, sprinkle over muesli and yoghurt or ice cream. Add to desserts for a caramel flavour or into your favourite smoothies, juice or glass of milk for a malty finish

What Is The Recommended Serving Size?

6g (approximately 1 teaspoon)

What Are The Ingredients?

100% Organically Grown Maca Root.

Any Recipe Ideas?

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Customer Reviews

28 Reviews "Organic Maca Powder"

Maca Powder
Sabina Arora 7 April 2014
It's very beneficial so far!
Angy 6 April 2014
Its excellent
Agnieszk J. 20 February 2014
Awesome product!!! Makes my body sing. I like the smell but do not like the taste so I just mix it with some water and drink it holding my nose, LOL! The benefits are amazing, my energy levels, my hair, skin and nails are feeling amazing
Great Product!
Fay B. 20 February 2014
Beautiful packaging that keeps the product fresh and amazingly fast shipping.
Exactly what I expected
Cassandi L. 17 February 2014
Exactly what I expected. Thank you..
It's delicious!
Rebecca C. 17 February 2014
It's delicious! Easy addition to smoothies and desserts, delivered fast to my door :)
Organic maca powder
Kathleen B. 17 February 2014
I found the product was great overall. It smells yummy ! The packaging was appealing and I was very impressed with the tree donation.
Great Product
Lara 8 February 2014
Extremely quick delivery, nice packaging and great product. It has been a pleasure to order from forest super foods.
Fully Satisfied
Rashmi S. 7 February 2014
The order been processed so quickly and I the delivery within 3 days that was just so good.i am entirely satisfied with the product and the service front forest superfood .
Organic Maca Powder
Chris S. 7 February 2014
Wonderful maca makes me feel 20 again
Diana R. 29 January 2014
love it!!
Maca powder
Diane C. 29 January 2014
Luv it with our green smoothies every morning along with spirulina and bee pollen
Good product
Wei C. 21 January 2014
Help the body and improve the health
Organic Maca powder review
Carsten P. 21 January 2014
My wife and I changed our view on food a year ago which changed our lifestyle.
We now mostly eat vegtables, fruit, legumes and grains with limited meat, perhaps 1-2 times a week.
We will have a green morning and afternoon smoothie with leafy greens, veg, fruit and supplements such as Maca Powder, the added Maca gives heaps of energy before my morning training session and through the day.
since changing our lifestyle we have become fitter and slimmer with sustained energy through the day. I have not had a cold which I would have 1 or 2 of normally and my sinus problems have disappeared along with 40 years of headaches that came from it.
Go green.
Organic Maca Powder
Catherine S. 21 January 2014
I add Maca to my daily protein & fruit smoothie, can't do without it. Finding I can now purchase online and in larger quantities is wonderful. Made all the better with the quality of product received. Thank you!
Maca powder is of excellent quality.
Linda E. 21 January 2014
Excellent service and great price!!!
Maca Powder
Fiona B. 21 January 2014
I recently bought some Maca powder, and it was of the usual standard quality i am used to, but it was slightly cheaper. I will be back for more.
69yo, almost Vegan.
Graham B. 21 January 2014
Not sure. I got on to Maca, from Teresa Cutter, the Healthy Chef, so I'm biased. I do what she suggests. that means everything. As for me since I have embraced Whole Food vegetable/fruit in juices and Smoothies, I have lost 21kg, from 125kg over the last 3 months. How do I feel, great, full of energy. After poor mobility due to hip replacement surgery, plus heart, reflux, diabetes, and blood pressure tablets, which I no longer need to take. You take for granted health, and You know when you lose it, so I'm back. get of the ground easily, go up hills without tiring or breathing heavily, ablutions, better still no Muffin Tops. I look good, as I'm told often. So you see I use everything, Ginger, Turmeric, Maca, Cocao, Parsley, Mint, Cinnamon, Lemon, and WPI, so I'm pretty sure Maca works in some way.
Maca Powder
Sandra T. 21 January 2014
I find this a great product to put in my fresh juice every day
Maca Powder
Tammy A. 21 January 2014
So far so good! Great service, very quick! Cheers
Wayne 15 January 2014
Some of my old youthful vigor and virility has returned as a result of this product
Satisfied first time customer
Vanessa 5 October 2013
Shipping was within a week. Packaging was excellent and easy to read nutritional info. Great in smoothies. With only a couple of days using in smoothies I already feel I have more energy. Will be buying more from forestsuperfoods.
Organic Maca Powder Review
Renee 14 August 2013
Maca is my favorite of all superfoods. It is great in smoothies, biscuits, anything really. I really enjoy the flavour a teaspoon of Maca adds to my greek yoghurt, super yummy & instant energy boost. It also keeps my hormnes in check with reality! The Organic Maca Powder from is my favourite brand for quality & price. Love it!
maca powder
Kylie 30 July 2013
Although it took over a week to get my products i have to say adding maca to my smoothie this morning gave it a yummy caramel taste. Taste very good. Very happy with this product and so are my children
Easy to add to your diet
Sarah 21 July 2013
I have ordered many different superfoods to try. I found Maca was one of the easiest to add to my foods as it is a mild flavour - for some reason it reminds me of malt powder. I like to add it to yoghurt, smoothies, mix it in with cottage cheese....
Maca Powder
Debra Leighton 19 June 2013
Tastes great I have used this in the past From another company But yours seem to taste better goes great in my morning smoothie :-)
Helen Ringelstein 19 June 2013
I must say the service is great and I didn't have to wait too long to start my reboot thank you.
Macca Powder
Sandy 19 June 2013
Great product, fresh flavours and the price is unbeatable. Very happy with this Macca powder. Prompt delivery

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